Stroke Awareness Day Calls For Blood Pressure Test

Stroke Awareness Day Calls For Blood Pressure Test

It seems that the National Stroke Awareness Day has caught the attention of one and all as a recent report has indicated that the Rotary Club of Chipping Sodbury is all set to measure blood pressure of people. It was further told that volunteer nurses and doctors would be present at No 61 Broad Street, next to Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, from 9.30 until 3.30 on Saturday, March 31, to make sure that as many as people are being tested for the test.

With the support of medical professional, this programme is expected to offer people the much needed advice, which can direct them towards their healthy lifestyle. It has become all the more required for all those in Chipping Sodbury to come forward and get themselves tested for the health check.

With Rotary President Anthony Bourne supposed to get himself tested in the very morning, it would be required that members of the public do avail the benefits of the service. It was in last year that as many as 135 were tested and further 27 were told to consult their GP for further check and there are expectations that the numbers are going to rise this time.

"There are clear benefits from Stroke Awareness Day, over the last two years 293 people were tested and 61 (21%) were found to have high blood pressure and advised to see their GP”, said Dr. Tim Spare said, who claimed that all those who are being referred for further check must not overlook the advice as it can save their life from potential consequences.

It was further confirmed that the club has been supporting the campaign for a long time and this has escalate the level of awareness among people about their health.

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