A Mysterious Godzillus Fossil Discovered in Cincinnati

A Mysterious Godzillus Fossil Discovered in Cincinnati

Among the inspiring assortment of fossil finds with Northern America, there are still many that are a complete vagueness to the current scientists. Recently, a Godzillus fossil has been discovered by the scientists here, which has totally stumped them. It is 150 pounds with 3 feet width and is 6 feet long.

It looks so mysterious that even the scientists are unable to decide that whether it is a plant, animal or a mineral. It was last year, when a man, Ron Fine, slipped on this mysterious fossil find in northern Kentucky. For him, it was just an ordinary pile of rocks. But when scientists got the information about this find, they immediately recognized that there exist something unique to this fossil find.

To find more about this fossil, this Tuesday, a meeting was conducted in Ohio at the Dayton Convention Center, where scientists from the Geological Society of America along with Carl Brett, geologist with the University of Cincinnati, investigated the find. According to Brett, this fossil find is the largest ever fossil discovered and it is 450 million years ancient. Cincinnati is lucky to have it.

As described by Ron Fine, it looked like some sort of seaweed or kelp. Earlier, he has seen fossils to the size of a thumbnail or a thumb but in comparison to them, this one is a massive one. He said, “This is the ultimate cold case and like Godzilla, it’s a primordial beast that found its way to the modern era”.

The meeting at Ohio was conducted to look out for people who might have better knowledge about this kind of fossil. But it seems to be a difficult task.

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