Cholesterol levels Surge In Sweden

Cholesterol levels Surge In Sweden

While there is no doubt that crash diet does no good for anyone, it has been claimed in a recent report that it was found to be the main reason behind the surge in cholesterol levels in Sweden. It was revealed after a 25-year study which tracked down the link between diet and heart risk factors.

It was observed that there has been a rise seen in the preference of low carbohydrate/high fat (LCHF) diets in Sweden and that’s what has made significant change on the health of people there.

While there are many like Dr. Annika Dahlqvist, who are of the view that this diet helps one having a normal weight and blood sugar, it seems that some side effects were indeed overlooked. It was told that there was no major change in blood cholesterol levels between 2002 and 2007, but it showed a spike after 2007.

"The association between nutrition and health is complex. It involves specific food components, interactions among those food components, and interactions with genetic factors and individual needs”, said Prof Ingegerd Johansson, who led this research, from the University of Gothenburg.

It is believed that though such diet may help short-term weight loss, there are reports that one would gain weight later and moreover, it pushes the blood cholesterol too which can ultimately affect cardiovascular health.

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