UK University Aims To Dig Deeper into Polio Research In India

UK University Aims To Dig Deeper into Polio Research In India

No matter India has managed to do fairly well in terms of eradicating the scar of polio, a joint study has been confirmed in the eastern Indian state of Orissa. It has been claimed that University of Birmingham along with Ravenshaw University would be dedicated to the new project. which would based on polio immunisation in India

The project which is expected to run for two years would be studying what kind of attitude has been developed about polio vaccination in three different groups- parents, community workers and those who are very much part of the drives including government officials.

"A lot of people in India do not opt for mass vaccination programmes for a number of reasons. We want to explore these reasons and bring about an attitudinal change”, said Angus Dawson, Professor of Public Health Ethics from the College of Medical and Dental Sciences at the University of Birmingham.

There is need to look a bit deeper into the same issue so that future strategies can be developed which might make things a lot better in the coming years. Though there are no official records confirming the number of affected patients there, yet there would be extensive research done in remote areas, where medical facilities are limited or almost negligible.

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