Penn State Cheerleader discharged from Hospital

Penn State Cheerleader discharged from Hospital

Paige Raque, the Penn State cheerleader was rushed to the Kentucky hospital after falling from the fifth floor of an apartment. The incident, which occurred on October 13 led her suffer brain damage. But, now after two months, she was found to be in a better state.

She was taken to her home, and now is able to speak. Doctors said that she had suffered critical brain injuries, but now seeing her recovery, they think that she will get fine soon. It was a nostalgic moment for everyone, who was present there when Raque spoke and walked for the first time in last two months.

"I needed every single person who rallied behind me. They pushed me through it and they're the reason I'm here and okay", said Raque. She still remembers that they were cooking a meal for her brother's gymnastics team. They were having a family fun, but Raque was unable to remember anything more than that has been mentioned above.

Parker, Raque's brother said that this is the best news that he can come across. He is happy to know that her sister will soon be leading a normal life again. Even, Raque is quite positive for her coming life.

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