Science names Higgs Boson breakthrough top scientific discovery of 2012

Science names Higgs Boson breakthrough top scientific discovery of 2012

The Higgs boson breakthrough has topped achievements in science and technology in this year's list compiled editors at the prestigious Science magazine.

Also known as "God particle," Higgs boson is a sub-atomic particle that is believed to be the basic building block of the universe. It is believed to provide mass to all other existing matter in the universe.

The long-sought-after particle was spotted by scientists at the CERN particle physics lab located near Geneva, with the help of the $5.5 billion atom-smasher known as the Large Hadron Collider, on July 4, 2012.

Robert Coontz, Science magazine's deputy news editor, said the discovery of the long-anticipated particle filled a big gap in the human's understanding of the universe's physical structure.

Speaking on the topic, Coontz said, "The Higgs boson is a fundamental particle that completes physicists' standard model, which describes all the fundamental particles and the forces with which they interact."

The existence of the so-called "God particle" was first theorized British physicist Peter Higgs around fourt decades back.

The ordering of the Denisovan genome to throw more light on early history of humans, an advancement in knocking out target DNA and substituting it with new code, and measurement of the final "mixing angle" that is necessary to describe neutrinos are some of other major scientific feats of 2012 that have found place in the list.

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