Bromine Explosion Explored

Bromine Explosion Explored

In a recent study, researchers from America, Canada, Germany and the UK claimed to have found a mechanism which is responsible for altering the atmospheric concentration of bromine.

It has been found by the study that the bromine is being released in the atmosphere rapidly because of the reduced perennial sea ice. Because of this, the mercury and ozone are being deposited in the Arctic.

It has been informed that the bromine explosion takes place when the bromine from the salty ice reacts with the gaseous mercury in the atmosphere. The whole process causes pollution on the surface of the earth.

On the upper level of atmosphere, bromine tends to react with the tropospheric ozone. The aim of the study was to understand the mechanism behind bromine explosion. The bromine explosion was discovered in Canada 20 years back. At that time, the aim of the study was to find whether the bromine explosion takes place only on earth or it also takes place at troposphere.

The lead author of the study, Nghiem, was reported as saying, “Shrinking summer sea ice has drawn much attention to exploiting Arctic resources and improving maritime trading routes. But the change in sea ice composition also has impacts on the environment. Changing conditions in the Arctic might increase bromine explosions in the future”.

During the study, the researchers were guided by the NASA. It is hoped that through the study, the researchers would be able to better understand the bromine explosion. It has been informed that for the study, the researchers used NASA's Nimbus-7 satellite and the US Department of Defense's Meteorological Satellite Program for creating a time series of multi-year sea ice.

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