Diane-35 a Suitable Treatment for Severe Acne, Not Birth Control

Diane-35 a Suitable Treatment for Severe Acne, Not Birth Control

In last 25 years, around four deaths have been linked with the use of acne drug Diane-35, which is also used as a contraceptive pill. Considering this, an inquiry has been initiated by the France's health regulator.

According to Health regulator ANSM, among these four deaths, one was due to thrombosis or formation of blood clots and the remaining three had been linked to other health issues.

In some countries, Diane-35 is available by the name of Dianette. It helps in regulating the hormones and thus reduces acne for women.

German drug-maker Bayer is the producer of Diane-35. It is authorized in 135 countries and is sold in more than 116 countries.

In Canada, it is since 1998 that the drug has been successfully used in several cases, but according to Health Department here, it is suitable for treating only severe acne problem. Diane-35 is not advisable as a method of birth control.

During its launch, there were numerous marketing campaigns that took place in Canada. Billboard advertisements, ads on bus shelters and television advertisements aimed at young women; were included in the marketing modes of this pill. And as a result within 3-4 years of its production, its sales soared up by 45%.

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