Health Canada’s New Turbine Study

Health Canada’s New Turbine Study

People residing nearby wind farms since long have been blaming that their health is being adversely affected due to the inaudible infrasound from the turbines.

Last summer, announcements came from Ottawa about the study. The decision was well lauded by the opponents of the towering turbines too.

To find if any possible link exists between the wind farms and the adverse health effects that have been reported by the residents of the nearby areas, Health Canada has started a study but with somewhat twisted methods.

In their new $1.8 million study, the experts will try to maintain their focus upon residents in all of the 2,000 dwellings that are located nearby the eight to 12 wind-turbine installations.

According to the official reports, there are approx 140 such land-based wind farms that are located in Canada, most of them in Ontario and Quebec.

In context to same, a pubic consultation was also arranged to hear upon revisions to the plan. Approx 950+ comments were then submitted by residents, which suggested for the assessment of infrasound and a questionnaire to be administered by Statistics Canada.

In their statements, Turbine opponents stated that the exposure to low-frequency noise and vibrations from wind turbines is causing people with sleep disorders, headaches, depression, anxiety and even blood pressure changes.

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