N.C. Museum Replaced Biltmore Estate Last Year

N.C. Museum Replaced Biltmore Estate Last Year

Biltmore Estate ended up taking the topmost position for the last nine years on the list of the state’s museums and historic sites most visited. But, as per a report, last year, Biltmore got displaced with the N. C. Museum of Natural Sciences.

It seems that science defeated opulence last year. Raleigh’s state-owned museum overdid Biltmore by some 98,000 visitors in the year 2012.

It has been found that attendance at museums and historic sites is surveyed by Carolina Publishing Associates based in Matthews. Last year, the attendance at the N. C. Museum saw a big boost. Though, it was due to the opening of Nature Research Center at the museum last April.

While N. C. Museum had some 1.22 million visitors, Biltmore reported only 1.12 million visitors in all, the report finds. President of Carolina Publishing, Sam Rogers, was of the view that Biltmore would not stop from extending its brand, thereby growing. Therefore, it would again be at the top position on the list.

However, an N. C. Museum official said the higher figures showed more interest of people in science. “Clearly, across North Carolina, there’s a widespread interest to understand what science can tell us about what’s changing in our society and in the environment around us”, affirmed deputy director of the museum, Alvin Braswell.

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