Dr. Rizwana Talked about Cervical Cancer on Women’s Day

Dr. Rizwana Talked about Cervical Cancer on Women’s Day

Sources suggested Pakistan to be ranking at the fourth position among the countries that have been witnessing the most number of sufferers of the cervical cancer. Though Pakistan faces the most of the cases of breast cancer, the second position of the total cases of cancer in the country is marked by the cancer in the ovary.

Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Rawalpindi Medical College, Dr. Rizwana Chaudhary is moving further on the path of building a gynecology unit at Holy Family Hospital. She expressed her thoughts in a doctor-media meeting that was organized in a local hotel on Thursday.

The meeting was organized in a connection to the International Women's Day being observed on March 8, all around the world. The meeting was organized by a private group.

Rizwana gave a brief explanatory statement about Cervical Cancer, its effects on daily life and measures for prevention. She stated that the cause of the cancer can be determined timely. She added that the treatment of the same is possible.

She recommended a proper infrastructure for conducting Papsmear tests on a regular basis. She disclosed that people in the developed country have to undergo a similar test after every three years but no such provisions are provided by the government in Pakistan yet.

She concluded that the cancer is a vaccine preventable cancer and its incidence can be reduced through screenings.

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