Snails shows Signs of Ancient Seafarers in Ireland

Snails shows Signs of Ancient Seafarers in Ireland

An interesting observation has been made about a trip that was made from Atlantic to Ireland. This happened 8,000 years. The French or Spanish travelers had carried snails with them that still bear characteristics of the trip, says study.

Steve Jones, an evolutionary biologist at University College London has stated that history has influence on genes. The study involved authors, Davison and Adele Grindon from University of Nottingham. They invested two years in gathering samples of the snail species, Cepaea nemoralis. They were taken from Ireland, Britain, Northern Spain and Southern France.

The researchers observed the mitochondrial DNA of the specimens. After tracking them, the researchers deciphered that there are seven snail lineages around Europe. Out of these, only one of them had linkages with Ireland and the slopes of the Pyrenees.

Speaking to the media, Allan McDevitt of University College Dublin has said that after ice age snails were washed away and they've become extinct. But, the ones that have been found in Ireland are almost akin to the snails found in Southern France and Northern Spain.

Angus Davison from the University of Nottinghamhas said, "There are records of Mesolithic or Stone Age humans eating snails in the Pyrenees, and perhaps even farming them".

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