Samsung unveils Simband prototype wristband and Sami platform

Samsung unveils Simband prototype wristband and Sami platform

At a press event held by Samsung in San Francisco on Wednesday, the company unveiled its Simband prototype wristband and its Sami - that is, Samsung Architecture Multimedia Interactions - platform.

The Simband prototype wristband introduced by Samsung at the event can be fitted with third-party sensors for collecting a range of health-related data - including heart rate, blood flow, respiration, and even hydration - about the wearer's body.

The key concept behind the wristband is that it has the ability to not only monitor and gather the wearer's vital health information, but also to transmit the information back to the wearer in a simplified manner.

Moreover, since the wristband is connected to a cloud-based service, the information gathered by the device will be uploaded to the cloud, so as to make it accessible by developers and partners. As such, the wearers of the wristband will be able to share their statistics with developers of new mobile fitness apps.

Meanwhile, so far as the Sami platform is concerned, it will be a cloud data service. The platform will essentially underscore a repository for information which consumers can opt for sharing with mobile app developers, to enable them to deliver software that recommends diets and exercise regimes, among other things.

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