Waze launches new feature to help drivers avert “difficult intersections”

Waze launches new feature to help drivers avert “difficult intersections”

In an apparent effort to promote a safer less stressful drive, navigation app Waze has rolled out a new feature which helps drivers avert “difficult intersections.”

The new feature released by Waze has chiefly been designed to help drivers avert the most infuriating situations like an intersection without traffic lights, a never-end flow of traffic, and limited visibility; or some kind of a combination of these three stressful situations.

The stressful situations make it difficult for drivers to turn left or go straight because they have to cross several lanes of oncoming traffic. The difficulty increases all the more during traffic peaks at rush hours; thereby heightening the tension for drivers while turning left or going straight.

According to the details shared by Waze, the new feature essentially restricts as many of “difficult intersections” as possible. The feature, by default, gives the Waze navigation app the capability to determine the best possible route which can help a driver circumvent a difficult intersection.

About the availability of the new feature, Waze has revealed that the feature has initially been rolled out in Los Angeles. However, Waze plans to expand the availability of the new feature to New Orleans soon; with the global rollout of the feature to be scheduled as and when the Waze community identifies the need for it.

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