Facebook Messenger updated with new ‘Instant Video’ feature

Facebook Messenger updated with new ‘Instant Video’ feature

In an evident attempt to give its users more options for communication beyond text messaging, social network Facebook has announced the rollout of new ‘Instant Video’ feature in the latest update to its popular Messenger standalone messaging app for iOS and Android.

According to Facebook’s announcement, a new update to the Messenger app introduces the Instant Video feature which gives the users of the app the ability to add a live video to the corner of their smartphone's screen while they are engaged in a chat.

Despite the fact that the Messenger app already has a video calling feature, the introduction of the new Instant Video feature chiefly involves quick visuals which can complement the ongoing text conversations of Messenger users.

With the help of the new Instant Video feature, Messenger users can tap on the new video icon located within their Messenger conversation threads to easily add visuals to their existing chats. A click on the video icon activates the camera of Messenger users’ smartphones, enabling them to instantly shoot a live video and share it with the person on the other end.

Highlighting the fact that the Instant Video feature is basically a notable supplement to text conversations via the Messenger app, Facebook said in its description of the new feature in a blog post that Instant Video is a "reflection of the ubiquity of video."

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