Survey: 87% Amazon Echo owners are satisfied with the device

Survey: 87% Amazon Echo owners are satisfied with the device

Experian and market research firm Creative Strategies recently carried out a survey which involved some early adopters of the Amazon Echo voice-activated home speaker.

The survey involved the participation of nearly 1,300 smartphone owners who have experienced the use of voice-controlled virtual assistants offered by companies like Apple, Google and Amazon. Nearly 180 participants of the survey claimed to have used Amazon Echo.

According to the findings of the survey, the Amazon Echo voice-controlled speaker currently has the capability to perform more than 3,000 skills; thanks to its Alexa technology. However, despite the vast use cases of the Echo, the owners of the speaker mostly use it for setting a timer.

According to the survey, ‘setting the timer’ is the most common use case of the Amazon Echo voice-controlled speaker because nearly 51 percent of the owners of the device place it in their kitchen.

The survey also found that the second most popular placement location for the Echo smart speaker is the living room; with nearly one in three users of the device having said that they use it in that room.

With the survey’s results revealing that, overall, nearly 87 percent Echo owners said they were satisfied with the device, Experian’s Cherian Abraham said in a blog post: “Echo users in our survey are overwhelmingly satisfied with Alexa’s voice recognition, and we found that 39 percent plan to use it more frequently.”

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