Female whose ovary was frozen at age 9 delivers a baby in London

Female whose ovary was frozen at age 9 delivers a baby in London

Marking a new breakthrough in the field of medical science, a woman who got one of her ovaries frozen even before puberty has delivered a baby in the UK.

Moaza Al Matrooshi of Dubai needed chemotherapy as part of her bone marrow transplant when she was just 9 years old. The procedure was part of treatment to cure thalassaemia, a condition in which red blood cells get abnormal.

As the treatment would render her infertile, her parents asked doctors to remove and freeze her right ovary. Her left ovary remained in her body, but chemotherapy's toxic effect on her remaining ovary caused her to develop menopause in her early 20s.

The right ovary that was frozen by Prof. Helen Picton, chief of the division of reproduction & early development at University of Leeds, was successfully replanted into her body last year. Her hormone levels returned to normal, allowing her to become fertile again.

Al Matrooshi, who is now 24, has given birth to a healthy baby boy at the Portland Hospital in London.

Commenting on the successful procedure, Picton said, "She and her family really are courageous - and pioneers - to have done this. It's tremendously hopeful technology because you're investing in the future fertility life of your daughter."

The successful birth is being considered as enormously valuable news for the parents of young girls who require highly risky medical treatments like chemotherapy that can probably damage their ovaries, leaving them infertile.

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