Massive iceberg poised to break off Antarctica

Massive iceberg poised to break off Antarctica

A team of British researchers have warned that a massive iceberg, with an area almost the size of the American state of Delaware, is poised to break off Antarctica.

According to a statement issued by researchers at Project Midas at Wales-based University of Swansea, a crack/rift that gradually developed across the Antarctic Peninsula’s Larsen C ice shelf in recent years, expanded suddenly in December.

The rift in question has grown to more than 49 miles in length, with just around a dozen miles left before it eventually snaps.

Issuing the warning, the researchers wrote, “The Larsen C Ice shelf in Antarctica is primed to shed an area of more than 1,930 square miles following further substantial rift growth. The iceberg will fundamentally change the landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula…”

They also warned that the looming detachment of the iceberg could herald a wider break-up of the Larsen C ice shelf, which would potentially accelerate the rate of sea-level rise.

As per a fresh estimate by the researchers, if the land-based ice that is being held back by Larsen C collapses into the ocean, it could result into a 10cm rise in global sea levels.

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