Boris Johnson’s Brexit Comments Regarding France Stir Another Controversy

Boris Johnson’s Brexit Comments Regarding France Stir Another Controversy

Britain is asking for special treatment and the current leadership is looking forward to tough negotiations. European leaders have already commented that Britain will not be allowed to pick up whatever suits the country while dealing with European Union over exit. The leadership in Britain seems clueless about what they want and what they can get. European Union has asked Britain to officially trigger negotiations regarding Brexit from the European Union. In his latest statement, foreign minister Boris Johnson stirred another controversy by blaming France and other European leaders over dishing out ‘beatings’ on the UK over Brexit.

European leaders have earlier clarified that they would firmly deal with the U.K on this matter. But, French foreign minister clarified that France has no intention of punishing Britain over Brexit. The uncertainty over Brexit and the conditions that will be able to exit from European Union has been finalized, has left many business leaders guessing. It will be a touch bargain and political leaders in Britain are well aware of the situation.

In his statement, Johnson compared French President Francois Hollande to World War Two prison guard.

Refuting allegations made by Johnson, Jean-Marc Ayrault said that the leadership from U.K. is trying to divert attention from the issues that Britain would face due to exit from the European Union.

A report published by The Sun informed, “France has been particularly critical of the post-Brexit British government, with Finance Minister Michel Sapin saying this week it appeared to be “improvising” and had no real plan for an exit.”

In France, Marine Le Pen has pledged that she will make sure that France leaves European Union, once she wins the elections. Recent survey conducted by Le Monde has informed that Marine Le Pen has gained popularity in France. The French elections are considered as an important event, especially after Donald Trump won the U.S. elections.

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