Guy Verhofstadt Hints at Britain Asking for Rejoining European Union

Guy Verhofstadt Hints at Britain Asking for Rejoining European Union

Guy Verhofstadt, the European Union Brexit negotiator has started a controversy by suggesting that Britain won’t get any special treatment regarding the terms for exit from the Union but is welcome to apply for an entry in the European Union. Verhofstadt said that European Union would ‘fast-track’ Britain’s application if the country decides to reapply for European Union membership. Many political analysts see these comments by Verhofstadt as strange as Britain is planning an exit, not entry to the European Union.

Former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt suggested that European Union would possibly fast track application of Britain if future government in Britain plans to rejoin European Union. The comments made by Verhofstadt also present the idea of most European leaders that Britain will soon regret its decision to leave the European Union. The leadership in Britain is sure that the country will proceed with Brexit. The recent decision by the Supreme Court has made it little difficult for Theresa May to trigger Brexit as it will have to go through the British Parliament.

Majority of British residents who voted in favor of Brexit were concerned about unplanned migration that was causing lot of troubles for locals. The issue was blown out of proportion due to influx of migrants from Syria, Africa, West Asia and many other Arab countries. Instead of taking action against the troubles caused by unplanned migration, EU leaders were pressing Britain to take in more refugees.

“That is always possible,” Verhofstadt said in an interview, “They can always reintroduce a request for membership of the European Union. Certainly, we have enough experience to make it a little bit a faster process than what is normal.”

Verhofstadt acknowledged migration as the major reason for Brexit. Many countries in European Union are facing major troubles due to migration crisis. European leaders will have to take strict action to deal with migration crisis. In France, Marine Le Pen is gaining popularity as she claims to offer a solution for migration issues. Le Pen has promised that France will leave European Union if she is voted to power.

Le Pen’s plan to leave European Union could have a major impact on France and French economy. However, the leadership in France and all over Europe should understand that local people can’t suffer because of refugee crisis. Many cities across Europe have ‘no-go’ zones because of high crime rate.

It might be difficult and will need lot of effort on part of British leaders but political analysts are sure that Britain will go ahead with Brexit.

Instead of suggesting Britain to think about reentering European Union, European leaders should think about fixing the problems with the European Union. Otherwise, if the things continue the way they are, EU leaders might end up negotiating with other member states regarding terms of their exit from the Union.

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