France Receives EU ‘Final Warning’ on Pollution

France Receives EU ‘Final Warning’ on Pollution

France has received ‘final warning’ from European Union over pollution and smog problem in major cities. Paris has suffered with high level of pollution compared to other capital cities in the European Union. The final warning slapped by EU requires adequate action from France to deal with pollution or face charges in the top European court. France is among five countries in European Union to receive ‘final warning’ to deal with smog and pollution.

Air quality in many cities across the world suffers during winter months. Paris has earlier controlled vehicle movement to deal with high level of smog. Pollution is leading to many health issues, especially for elderly population and children in cities. High level of nitrogen dioxide has been termed as major cause for nearly 70,000 deaths in Europe in year 2013.

The European Commission said in its announcement, “The European Commission sends final warnings to Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom for failing to address repeated breaches of air pollution limits for nitrogen dioxide.”

Paris rolled out new sticker system last month to push most polluting vehicles from the roads during high pollution periods. Many other cities across Europe are working to reduce pollution levels.

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