Samsung Extra Careful About Battery in Galaxy S8 and Brings Sony Onboard

Samsung Extra Careful About Battery in Galaxy S8 and Brings Sony Onboard

Samsung management is going extra safe regarding battery of Samsung Galaxy S8 after the company faced major setback with Galaxy Note 7 with exploding battery issue that led to major recall. Samsung also faced decline in sales and profitability due to S7 issues. Galaxy S8 is first major smartphone release from Samsung after the recent battery issues and the company is extra careful in dealing with the newer smartphone’s features and hardware. Samsung has confirmed that the company will not release Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress 2017 but the company will reveal launch date at the event.

A report published by Wall Street Journal has informed that Samsung will also use Sony batteries for Galaxy S8. With Sony onboard, Samsung will have three battery providers for its latest smartphone. Technology experts and consumers are waiting for Samsung’s next smartphone from its flagship range of Galaxy devices. Samsung will also source batteries from Samsung SDI Co. and Amperex for Galaxy S8. Sony competes with other smartphone vendors but the company also provides parts for its rivals.

As technology experts keep a close watch on electronics retailers to check about features and release dates for new smartphones, a new report has emerged after Samsung Galaxy S8 price and color options were leaked on website of a Ukrainian retailer. As per reports, Galaxy S8 could cost $950 and Galaxy S8 Plus could be priced at $1,050.

A report published by CNET informed, “Even though Sony is technically a rival of Samsung's in the mobile marketplace, the company provides high-quality components to several companies that make phones. Most famously, it provides some of the camera tech Apple used for the iPhone's much-lauded camera.”

Earlier reports have also suggested that Samsung could launch Galaxy S8 on March 29.

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