Amazon Echo Continues on Growth Path

Amazon Echo Continues on Growth Path

Amazon Echo is getting popular among users and technology experts working on Amazon’s artificial intelligence based smart assistant are working hard on adding new features to Echo. The internet-connected, Amazon Alexa-enabled smart speaker have registered sales over 11 million units, making it a new force to watch in technology sector. Echo is a smart assistant, it searches, provides answers, controls connected devices, helps in online shopping and sets alarms. Amazon Echo’s backend is powered by Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Echo connects to wi-fi network and can perform various commands on connected gadgets. Echo can also keep track of appointments as users can link it to their Google Calendar. Echo can also get important local information from Yelp. The assistant can also offer fresh news from many sources. And, Amazon benefits by adding personal shopping experience on Echo.

While Amazon Echo is a cool gadget that 11 million people are loving, some parents are having tough time dealing with kids ordering stuff from Amazon. As kids are quick to pick up new technology, many parents have seen their kids ordering stuff on their own, using Amazon Echo. To stop kids from ordering whatever they feel like with smart assistant, parents can setup ‘confirmation code’ for purchases. Also, it is possible to disable voice enabled purchases on Echo.

A report published about Amazon Echo by Time magazine informed, “Voice-activated personal assistant technology might not be new, but Amazon's approach differs from the competition. While Apple, Google, and Microsoft use their voice assistants to lock users into their various ecosystems, Amazon has a different endgame in mind — the online retailer wants its users to subscribe to Amazon Prime and make as many of their purchases through the site as possible.”

A recent report published by Venture Beat talks about possibility of advertisements on Amazon Echo in future. While, Amazon could monetize the smart assistant as more users start using it in future, it is highly likely that Amazon will keep it for promoting products on its online shopping platform. As the competition has been left far behind in this sector, Amazon Echo could continue leading the game in near future.

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