Marine Le Pen Faces Another Scandal on EP Fund Misuse

Marine Le Pen Faces Another Scandal on EP Fund Misuse

Far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen has been blamed for another European Parliamentary funds misuse case. Gael Nofri, a former aide of Le Pen, has claimed that he was recruited by National Front in 2012 for Le Pen’s presidential campaign team on a fictitious contract under the European Parliament funding. Mr. Nofri said that he was signed up to work for Le Pen in September 2011.

Mr. Nefri is currently a municipal councilor in Nice. He is with the centre-right Republican party. He said, “In 2012 I was told: 'there is a problem, we have to do it via a European Parliament contract' - I refused."

The European Parliament has already accused Le Pen on funds misuse and she has been asked to repay nearly Euro 300,000 for hiring two people for her campaign from European funds. Le Pen has denied the charges and has also said that she won’t pay this money.

Despite the charges, Le Pen is leading the surveys regarding presidential elections. The surveys suggest that Le Pen will win in the first round of the Presidential elections.

However, most political experts and surveys suggest that Emmanuel Macron would comfortably win in the second round. Earlier surveys suggested that Macron could get up to 65 percent of voters in the second round. But, the latest poll conducted by Figaro/LCI suggests that Marcon could get 58% votes while Le Pen can get support from 42 percent of voters in the second round.

Currently, three close associates of Le Pen are facing investigation in France. Catherine Griset, Frederic Chatillon and her bodyguard Thierry Legier have been named and Mr. Nofri could be next. However, Mr. Nofri has denied doing any work for Le Pen or National Front.

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