Francois Fillon’s Party Meets Today to Discuss Final Presidential Candidate

Francois Fillon’s Party Meets Today to Discuss Final Presidential Candidate

Centre-right Republican leaders will meet today to discuss if they would still back Presidential election candidate Francois Fillon for the upcoming elections. Many reports have suggested that Alain Juppe could replace Fillon if the party decides to back him instead of Fillon after funds misuse scandal.

French Presidential elections have witnessed a lot of uncertainty this year as frontrunner Fillon could even lose his candidacy if the party decides to back another candidate as Fillon faces serious charges for misuse of public funds. Fillon has denied the charges but the trap has been tightening on him.

Fillon defeated Alain Juppe to win the nomination and his campaign was fast to gain support from French voters. However, the scandal turned things upside down for Fillon. Fillon has repeatedly said that the charges are politically motivated to derail his campaign but it has eroded his popularity.

Fillon has also lost support from French voters as Marine Le Pen has emerged as popular choice in the first round of Presidential Elections with Emmanuel Macron at second position.

With Fillon running at third rank during the first round, Republicans are looking forward to replace him, in order to improve their party’s chances for second round of elections.

Fillon is facing pressure to step down and let Alain Juppe take over the campaign in interest of the party. However, in his last rally, Fillon said that his campaign is moving forward only with the support of French voters who want to see him leading the country. At a rally in Paris, Fillon said that "no-one can stop" his bid for the presidency.

"If they had wanted Alain Juppe's project, then they would have voted for Alain Juppe in that election," Mr Fillon said.

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