Emmanuel Macron shares his plans for France

Emmanuel Macron shares his plans for France

Presidential election candidate Emmanuel Macron has finally revealed his plans for France if voters elect him to lead the country in the upcoming Presidential elections. Macron revealed many points of his programme for France if he gets elected in May. Political experts suggest that Macron has high chances of winning a majority vote during the second round of Presidential elections.

In an interview with Le Parisien, Macron shared some of his plans for France. He added that he will ensure that high officials in the government and MPs do not employ their family members. The issue has become important after Presidential candidate Francois Fillon faced allegations for employing in wife and paying her from public funds for the work probably hasn’t done. The fake jobs scandal has reduce popularity of Fillon among his supporters.

Macron added that he plans to increase the number of teaching staff by creating 4,000-5,000 new jobs with focus on child education. He talked about retirement age and pensions in his recent interview. Macron said that he has no intention to change the retirement age. There could be reforms in pension system if Macron wins the upcoming election.

Macron also committed to increase police staff. He also plans to charge more taxes on expensive real estate. Macron said that he will also work towards improving reimbursement for certain health issues and chronic ailments.

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