Francois Fillon issues apology for anti-Semitic attack on Marcon

Francois Fillon issues apology for anti-Semitic attack on Marcon

Presidential candidate Francois Fillon has offered apology for anti-Semitic by his campaign staff on his rival Emmanuel Macron. An image showing Macron with a hooked nose, wearing a top hat and carrying a red sickle, cutting a cigar with sickle, appeared on Twitter account of the party.

The tweet was later deleted from the account. Fillon called the image ‘unacceptable’ and said that it is totally against ideology of the party.

Fillon posted another tweet informing action against people responsible for posting the image. He added, “Politics is tough but it must remain dignified. I will not tolerate my party using caricatures that use the themes of anti-Semitic propaganda.”

Macron is leading opinion polls for the first round of the Presidential elections. Fillon’s campaign currently ranks third after he was accused of ‘fake jobs’ scandal.

Fillon’s statement added, “I understand the anxiety this could have caused because it evokes the drawings of a dark period of our history and conveys an ideology I have always fought against.”

“I’ve asked the general secretary of the Republicans to take sanctions against those who gave our movement an image that goes completely against our values.”

Fillon urged his supporters to not give up hope and said that he will fight till the end. Last week, the party was considering replacing Fillon as a candidate but he was able to persuade senior leaders to back his campaign.

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