Francois Fillon Faces Formal Investigation Regarding Fake Jobs Scandal

Francois Fillon Faces Formal Investigation Regarding Fake Jobs Scandal

Former French Prime Minister and presidential election candidate Francois Fillon has been placed under formal investigation regarding fake jobs scandal in which he made payments over one million euros from public funds. The scandal has already led to decline in popularity of Fillon among French voters.

Fillon has denied the charges and he had declared that he would drop from the Presidential elections if charges are pressed against him. Later, he declined to leave the Presidential elections and informed his supporters that he will fight till the end.

Fillon, 63, has been put under formal investigation under suspicion of misuse of public funds, receiving funds and not fully declaring his assets.

A report published by local satire magazine claimed that Fillon made payments to his wife and children for many years. However, his wife couldn’t prove the work for which she was paid. Fillon had termed the charges as a plan to derail his campaign.

Before the charges regarding fake jobs scandal, Fillon was leading the opinion polls. After the scandal, Fillon ranks third and his party leaders feel that his campaign has little chance of revival.

A report published by Reuters informed, “Up to now, the scandal has focused on payments to Fillon's wife and children. But the gift of suits, which he has confirmed, as well as the elements concerning money transfers between Fillon family members, confirmed by lawyers for the family, add a new dimension.”

Le Parisien newspaper reported that investigators were now also looking at payments to his daughter Marie and son Charles for assistance work, and money which they in turn sent back to an account he jointly holds with his wife.

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