What Are the Benefits of Investing in Wine From UKV PLC?


If you are a dedicated wine connoisseur, you understand the importance of investing in wine, especially wine obtained from a valuable source such as UKV PLC located in the United Kingdom. If you love experimenting with different varieties, you are sure to appreciate the opportunity to make an investment in investment grade wine. Unlike investing in stocks, you do not need to pay any capital gains tax when you sell your treasured bottles filled with wine.

Invest in a Tangible Product

Another benefit associated with investing in wine is that you own a tangible item. Instead of viewing your investments on paper or via a computer screen, you can look at your wine bottles in your wine cellar or storage location at any time. If you contract with UKV PLC, your wine collection is stored in a convenient warehouse. Storing your collection in a separate building is a good choice if you plan to accumulate a large collection. Plus, you still own the wine collection.

Avoid Speculation by Consulting with a Wine Consultant

Investing in wine with the help of a UKV PLC wine consultant gives you the advantage of purchasing wine according to specific market conditions. Instead of buying wine without having a clue about the eventual value of your investment, working with a wine consultant enables you to begin an impressive collection.

The Value of Wine Increases with Age

If you want to realize a substantial capital gain from your investment, you need to store the wine for a minimum of five years. Start collecting wine at a young age. If you start your wine collection when you are in your 20s or 30s, a fortune awaits you in the distant future. One exciting benefit of contracting with UKV PLC is that you can request a complimentary valuation of your wine collection at any time.

Expect a 12% to 15% Return on your Investment

If you buy superior quality wine from our online shop, expect to receive a 12% to 15% return on your investment. The main thing to remember about investing in wine is to avoid buying cheap labels or unpopular brands. An investment in wine is a fairly stable activity that does not mimic the volatility of the stock market.

You Fully Own the Wine and your Collection is Fully Insured

At UKV PLC, your wine collection is held in your name under a personal, bonded account. Even though you experience the benefit of storing your wine in a warehouse with all the desirable climate controls, you still own your wine collection. Furthermore, the wine collection is completely insured for your protection.

Brexit has been Favorable to Investing in Wine

Since Brexit, wine investments have increased approximately 20%. Brexit was a bold and daring move in Great Britain as certain people demanded complete independence. Yet, it is conceivable that wine can experience investment stability in the midst of drastic change. When the future is uncertain, people tend to pay more attention to traditional investment opportunities. Gold and gold mining stocks continue to attract investors in spite of a large decline in value during the past few years. The incredible rise in Bitcoin valuation over the past few years is a perfect example.

Wine is Never Going to Go Out of Favor or Style

Another thing to consider about investing in wine involves the antiquity of wine. Existing since ancient times, wine is never going to disappear. In fact, connoisseurs all over the world continue to appreciate the nobility and essence associated with fine wine. If you are contemplating the idea of investing in wine, take comfort in the thought that your collection is sure to attract potential buyers five, ten or twenty years hence.

Fine Wine Outpaces Metal and Art

In addition to outpacing the stock market, fine wine is a better investment than gold, precious metals or valuable artwork. If you want to invest in wine until you reach retirement age, you should experience far less volatility than the volatile world of gold, art and stocks. Think of wine as a way to invest without incurring any financial risk. After all, you do not ever need to sell the wine you buy. You may decide to keep the wine collection or pass it on to your heirs. On the other hand, if you are investing in wine for the sole purpose of reaping a profit, the rewards are generally greater than any risks.

Wine Collecting Presents a Challenge to Tax Authorities

Since the main purpose of buying wine is to enjoy drinking the product, the question of taxes is rather unique. Tax authorities have traditionally assumed that wine becomes worthless after a number of years. Of course, wine connoisseurs know that old wine is superior to new wine. However, tax authorities define older wine as a decaying product which means that wine collecting falls under one of the few tax-free laws. As long as you are a private owner and not a business or corporation, your capital gains are virtually free from any imposed taxes. Of course, since laws are always subject to change, any sale of a substantial wine collection automatically requires a consultation with a tax professional.

Experience Excellent Quality at UKV PLC

At UKV PLC, you can find an excellent selection of investment grade wine. Whether you are a novice or experienced collector, you can discover superior brands produced at famous vineyards located in several European countries.

Wine is a Profitable Asset

Throughout history, wine was a major trading force within various societies. Wine was so popular that people used it as a substitute for money. In previous centuries, people exchanged wine for food or other staples. Today, you still have the opportunity to take advantage of owning wine as a valuable and desirable asset. If you want to protect your income from the ups and downs caused by a changing economy, you may want to think about investing in wine.

Join a Group of Wise Wine Investors

If you want to associate your financial portfolio with an honorable tradition, feel free to join numerous enthusiastic wine collectors residing in various countries throughout the world. A wine collection is not solely about investing in a treasured commodity. Owning high quality wine gives you an upper edge in the social spectrum. You can associate with other wine connoisseurs and discuss the intricacies associated with various varieties. Offer a glass of investment grade wine to a business colleague or friend to make a lasting impression. Contact a UKV PLC representative at 0207 471 8030 or visit the official website and submit the contact form.

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