French President Launches Website Invite Americans to Move to His Country

In what can only be construed as a direct dig at US President Donald Trump, France's President Emmanuel Macron this week launched a website and campaign aimed at encouraging American scientists and climate researchers to move to his country. The website, which is called "Make Our Planet Great Again," seems to be a direct response to President Trump's recent announcement that the United States would be withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement.

Despite the fact that Trump only recently announced his decision to not to honor the pledge made by President Barack Obama that the US would begin cutting back on carbon emissions, the US President has long made his thoughts on climate change well known. Since taking office, Trump's actions have left many scientists and researchers increasingly frustrated and disillusioned.

With his new website, Macron hopes to appeal to these frustrated members of the science community and let them know that they are all welcome in France. At the same time, he is also fulfilling one of the promises that he made during the presidential campaign. As part of the "Make Our Planet Great Again" initiative, Macron has pledged that his government will offer generous research grants and also ample help in making the move to the country.

The new program is available to all senior-level university researchers, as well PhD candidates and junior-level researchers working in the fields of energy transition, earth systems science and climate change. All senior researchers are eligible to apply for up to 1.5 million Euros in research grants, while junior level researchers can receive up to $1 million. In addition, there are no restrictions on families, meaning spouses will be immediately given the legal right to work in France.

Although the website only launched this week, Macron first began to make his appeal to American scientists within a few hours of Trump's announcement that he would withdraw from the Paris agreement. In a short video posted to Twitter, the French president first made it known that he and the world believes in the United States as a great country before then speaking directly to all frustrated American scientists and proclaiming that France could become their second homeland.

Macron even took the unusual step to have the press release announcing the new website sent out to French journalists in English. This is something no other French president has done before, and it would seem that it was done in an attempt to show off his English language skills and potentially make himself and his country more appealing for Americans.

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