Will Emmanuel Macron Manage to Win National Assembly Majority?

Emmanuel Macron has been the French president for over a month now, and he seems to be enjoying every moment of his presidency. However, he faces an uphill task to win the majority in the National Assembly. Without this majority, it’s unlikely that he will implement all the changes that he promised the French people considering the way he swept aside his political rivals who will want him to fail. It’s important to note that Emanuel Macron leads a party that does not have MPs. However, this will be left for the French people to decide when they return to polls on 11th and 18th June.

According to recent polls, there is hope for the La Republique en Marche to gain a majority in the parliament. Polls say that his party will clinch approximately 30 percent of the vote and given his relationship with the far-right National Front as well as the center-right Republicans, he is expected to control the parliament with over 330 MPs on his side. The French National Assembly has a total of 577 members of parliaments. According to a professor of French Politics known as Philippe Marliere, he says that French people across the nation believe in Macron and they want to give him a platform for implementing the agendas that he promised them. Emanuel Macron’s party is already leading after winning 10 constituencies of the 11 that are located overseas and in the diaspora.

Just like the presidential elections are held over two rounds, so is the process to elect the 577 deputies. This is an area that has seen thousands of candidates turn out for election. In a 25 percent turnout, a candidate who acquires more than 50 percent of the vote wins, and there is no need for a second round. Unlike the presidential election where only two people face each other for run off, anyone who has surpassed the 12.5 percent mark is allowed for the second round. Macron’s party has been in existence since April 2016 and has managed to become the best in one year. He managed to recruit candidates to represent his party in every constituency. His success is based on his ability to convince women many of whom come from the civil society. In fact, out of the 577 candidates, 266 happen to be ladies.

People to watch vying with Macron’s party include Cedric Villani, Herve Berville as well as Brigitte Liso who is an immigrant from Rwanda.

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