Macron Launches New Website Offering Research Opportunities for American Scientists in France

The recently elected French President Emmanuel Macron recently started a website aiming to encourage U.S. climate change scientists to immigrate to France. This follows U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent statements regarding climate change and his removal of the United States from the Paris Agreement, a treaty covering measures to reduce the threat of climate change by cutting down on greenhouse gasses.
The name of the website is “Make our Planet Great Again,” a pun designed to parody the far-right nationalists campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.” This remark is aimed at President Trumps announcement on June 1 that he would be withdrawing the United States from the Paris Agreement.
President Macron’s new website informs U.S. scientists that they are more than welcome to move to France to focus their studies on climate change, ecology, energy projects, or earth systems science. Macron extended the aid to senior level faculty members, junior researchers, and Ph.D. candidates. He also promised that France would generously fund their research, and help them with their moving expenses.
Senior researchers, the website says, can apply for grants as high as 1.5 million Euros. This amount aims to cover the cost of moving and cover research salaries, including funds for hiring staff. Likewise, junior researchers have access to grants of up to a million Euros.
Moreover, the site reassures researchers that there will be no difficulties moving with one’s spouse, and also mentioned that France provides free childhood education as well as extremely low tuition rates for universities by contrast to the American system.
To see if they are eligible to immigrate to France, applicants need only submit a page-long proposal along with a CV. It also gives candidates a list of research institutions where American applicants could potentially work.
President Macron first made this appeal to scientists living in the United States during his recent presidential campaign, saying: “Please come to France. You are welcome, it’s your nation” in an English language video posted on Twitter during the month of February. This video now has over 20,000 shares.
Responding to President Trump’s refusal to enter into the Paris Climate Agreement, the newly elected French President made a more substantial offer to U.S. scientists.
Moreover, the “Make Our Planet Great Again” was released to the French press in English. French Presidents typically do not release information in English, making this move someone unique.
French researchers, by contrast, who have often complained about poor funding opportunities in the past, has as of yet failed to give any input on this decision.

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