President Macron Calls on America to Make the Environment Great Again

Mr. Emmanuel Macron, the newly elected president of French, has released a critical statement towards America's decision to withdraw from the climate change reforms. Macon stated that France is the second homeland for American scientists and that they should work with France towards the reformation of climate change. The statement came in after Donald Trump's announcement concerning the withdrawals of America from the agreement of Paris climate change. Macron did not hesitate to join the international condemnation of the critical decision Trump made to abandon an active movement geared towards solving the world's major climatic problems. The action by America inflicted fear as it was said to be a core contributor to migrations and wars as well as shortages.

Climate Change

While addressing a gathering in a broadcast, Macron also stated that Trump's statement to make a new America would be possible and even better if scientists would travel to France with the objective of making the society great again. He was imitating Trump's statement of making America great again. Macron's message to Trump is a reflection of the peace and unity that leaders from France, Germany as well as Italy have while dealing with societal issues. The leaders from the three stated origins have conclusively formed the opinion of sticking together through the climate change discussions.


The leaders also stated that America's withdrawal from the climate change issues as a huge disappointment. In a closing statement Macron sad that he wishes to tell Americans that France believes in the intentions and capabilities of America and that the world also believes in America. Macron also stated that America is a great nation and since they share history, they should be a team. To President Macron, it is important for Americans to be part of the great developmental change in society. He urged the scientists, entrepreneurs, and engineers who were not pleased by Trump's decision to consider France as their second home. Macron stated that the citizens of America were free to relocate to France with the objective of working as a team to find concrete solutions for not only the climate but also the environment. France is not about to give up the fight for developing important strategies that would implement solutions for climate change. Through determination and commitment, Macron is sure that it is possible to make the environment great again. The climate change agreement saw over 200 countries signing up for the more major cause. President Trump settled for a renegotiation of the stated terms with the aim of easing the conditions of the terms on American workers.

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