Making Our Planet Again with Emanuel Macron

Emanuel Macron is changing the face of politics since his election on 7th May. Following the withdrawal of the Paris Agreement by the United States through their president Donald Trump, Emanuel Macron has invited American researchers to France where they will be at liberty to fight climate change. Despite the withdrawal, United States is facing pressure from other world leaders to join in the fight against climate change and Emanuel Macron has joined the lot to convince the US president. He used Donald Trump tactic of passing important information on Twitter where he posted a tweet of make our planet great again. This tweet resembled the motto used by Donald Trump during his election Make America Great Again.

In his website that calls the US president by name, not only did he invite scientists but he also invited non-governmental organizations, businesses, students and entrepreneurs to join in the fight against climate change. Emanuel Macron noted that it was very discouraging for the greatest nation that should be on the forefront of combating climate change to withdraw from an important agreement. However, Emanuel said that the withdrawal by the United States acts as reinforcement to their determination in fighting climate change around the world. He encourages people that the world needs their innovative skills so that they should join the movement.

Make Our Planet Great Again is a program by the French government that outlines specific instructions expressed in steps on how people can work together. The program is open to students, teachers, and researchers who are invited to apply to the program that will be fully sponsored by the French government. What’s more, there are Ph.D. programs and faculty programs. This is a four-year course that will offer finance assistance for students and researchers to carry out research projects. During this process, all people involved will be entitled to a salary and all their expenses will be paid for by the government.

In the beginning, some people thought that the website was a hoax as it didn’t clarify on important issues. However, like any other good thing, some people were happy about the initiative while others were annoyed saying that the French government was just carrying out a communications campaign. Some even said that instead of funding such a program, the French government should first focus on equipping their laboratories that are in deplorable conditions. The government can then carry out the program after the work has been completed.

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