France Goes After American Scientists Slighted by Trump

Many scientists and engineers whose work involves helping the planet handle the effects of climate change have been sidelined by United States President Donald Trump and his exclusionary worldview, but the French Republic and the young President Emmanuel Macron are ready to welcome them.

According to a recent news report published by France 24, the French President launched a recruiting website in early June with the intention of attracting American scientists. The website features a welcome message from President Macron and a catchy slogan: “Make Our Planet Great Again.” The site and the social media campaign that promotes it were produced entirely in English, something that is unusual for material coming from the Élysée Presidential palace in Paris.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

The French government is ready to provide research grants of up to 1.5 million euros to American scientists who have little hope of completing projects during the Trump administration. France is willing to provide financial incentives for the purpose of making it easier for scientists to relocate; they will still be able to conduct research in English that will later be translated to French by academic partners. Furthermore, the U.S. scientists will receive a special immigration status that will allow their spouses to work in France and their children to attend the grandes écoles system of elite public education.

On the same day that President Trump announced that the U.S. will not meet its expected carbon emissions goals and will also seek to drop out of the Paris Climate Agreement, President Macron delivered a social media message addressed directly to American scientists who may be feeling slighted by the radical policies being implemented by the Trump administration. The French President is apparently ready to roll out the red carpet for U.S. climate change researchers because he knows that American projects tend to be very advanced.

In the meantime, President Macron should also be looking towards the United Kingdom for French researchers who may have to return to their home country after Brexit.


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