Stunning Landslide Victory Marred by Low Voter Turnout

The La République En Marche! Party was founded a little over a year ago and already they are set for a huge victory. Emmanuel Macron, the founder of this party, is headed for a landslide victory in the parliamentary elections in France.

La République En Marche! and its allies, the MoDem, are currently leading with 32.3 percent of the vote. This leaves their conservative rivals, the Les Républicains, trailing behind them with just 21.5 percent. This huge victory is the largest since the 1945 election and will cement Emmanuel Macron’s position after his presidential victory last month in May.

While there will still need to be a second-round run-off, the results from the first round suggest that En Marche! and allies will have up to 445 seats out of the 577 at the National Assembly. This will leave Les Républicains with the possibility of having under 100 seats.

This victory has led Édouard Philippe, the Prime Minister, to state that France is back. He sees this victory as a clear message that the voters of France are interested in a new face within parliament; however, detractors are concerned about the drastically low voter turnout for this election with Jean-Luc Mélenchon of the far left stating, ”There is no majority in this country.”

Although there are forty-seven million voters in France, only 48.7 percent actually voted. This low turn-out is rare in France, who saw 67.9 percent of the registered voters casting their choice in the recent presidential election in May. The elections in 2012 also had an almost ten point increase on their voting numbers with 57.2 percent of the French electorate voting.

Jean-Christophe Cambadélis of the Socialist party stated that this low participation in the election showed that the population was suffering from “democratic fatigue”. Le Pen, of the National Front’s Marine, stated that these low numbers were catastrophic to the different parties. The National Front received 13.2 percent of the vote, with the far left getting just above 11 percent and the Socialist part seeing 7.4 percent of the vote.

With Mr. Macrons overwhelming win his detractors are worried that he will rule unchallenged. Many are concerned about his pro-business attitude and his plans to roll out a variety of reforms to labour laws that will be friendly to businesses.

With such stunning victories, the biggest obstacle in Emmanuel Macrons way to pro-business reforms is the trade unions.

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