Emmanuel Macron Entices American Scientists to France in Bold Move to Address Climate Change

President E. Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has launched a new innovative website that seeks to attract US-based researchers and scientists to migrate to France. This follows President Donald Trump’s refusal to honor the US’s pledge to reduce its carbon emission and subsequent withdrawal from the French-led Paris Climate agreement. Moreover, Macron’s announcement also made good on an earlier plea he made in February 2017.

The newly-launched website has welcomed Ph.D. candidates, junior researchers, as well as senior scientists and university faculty members. The scientists would be free to work on projects focusing on climate change, energy transitions, and earth system science.

Financing and Support

American scientists have been promised financing and assistance with moving and settling in France. Senior researchers are eligible to receive grants worth up to €1.5 million, which would cover their salaries, work expenses, and compensation for their staff. Junior researchers have been offered up to €1 million in grants.

The website further reassured interested researchers that their spouses would not be restricted to work in France. It added that their children would be absorbed into the French free public school system. What’s more, French university and college tuition fees are comparatively lower than the US.

Prospective candidates have been asked to upload their one-page project proposal plus a copy of their professional resume. Furthermore, it added a list of French research institutions and universities where prospective American scientists could work.

Reason behind Emmanuel Macron’s Bold Move

Macron’s first appeal to US-based scientists came in February during his presidential campaign. On February 10, he posted an English-language video on Twitter welcoming scientists to France that has since been shared at least 20,000 times.

Macron doubled-down in June after President Donald Trump officially confirmed that the US would not honor its pledge to reduce carbon emission. Trump also added that his administration was withdrawing from a global accord that sought to tackle climate change.

On June 1, Macron said that he wished to tell frustrated US scientists that both France and the world believed in them and added that the United States was a great nation. He continued by saying that US researchers and scientists would find France their second home and invited them to work together.

The launch of the new website dubbed ‘Make Our Planet Great Again’ was announced in an English press release sent from the presidential palace to French journalists. So far, French researchers have not made any official reaction.

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