McDonald’s Will Now Serve Gourmet Burgers with Cutlery


McDonald’s has announced that it plans to start serving its burgers with cutlery for its French market. The move is a way of gaining a competitive advantage over other outlets serving burgers in the country. The French pride themselves on several issues key among which is their culinary credentials.

Today, all French branches of McDonald’s feature McCafes, serve fancy coffees and offer baked goods to its customers. The move to serve burgers with cutlery was launched after a trial run was done in 10 branches with satisfactory results. All 1,400 McDonald’s restaurants will now start using recyclable cutlery. However, forks and knives will not be given out for everything found on the McDonald’s menu. They will only be served with its signature gourmet burger that has become a favorite dish on the International fast food chain’s French menu.

Xavier Royaux, the chief marketing officer of McDonald’s France, said that the move to introduce cutlery for its gourmet burger is not a break from its tradition. Instead, he insisted that it was an evolution just like the chain’s decision to launch table service, which is presently available in at least 80 percent of its national outlets.

McDonald's has steadily introduced new services in a bid to gain a competitive edge on the global fast food market. So far, the company has introduced fruit bags, announced that its chicken nuggets are made from chicken, and launched table service in most of its outlets.

The Burgeoning Burger Market in France

The French burger market has become quite lucrative in recent years thanks to its rising popularity and trendy status. Today, this market is worth around 9.5 billion Euros. At least 75 percent of French restaurants serve burgers, and 80 percent of them report that burgers have overtaken steak fries in popularity.

According to Royaux, McDonald’s has long seen the change in the French burger market with a multiplication of new and enticing offers of gourmet burgers. As a result, the pioneering fast food chain saw that it was vital to position itself within the market.

Apart from more and more gourmet burgers appearing in French restaurants nationwide, McDonald's also competes with other fast food chains including Burger King, Quick, and Five Guys. Burger King has returned to France to take advantage of its growing burger market. Given that the French are traditionally classy people, cutlery could just be the thing that sets McDonald’s apart from the crowd.


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