Emmanuel Macron Evokes Comparisons to Other Young World Leaders

President E. Macron

At 39 years of age, Emmanuel Macron is the bold, brazen leader of a new political party—En Marche—and the new president of France. With a kind of candor and youthfulness that draws comparisons to other great politicians of the past, it didn't take long for Macron's profile to rise after his election. After all, his far-right opponent Marine Le Pen had been soundly trounced. The results were an obvious indication that the French people were rejecting nationalism in favor of a more global perspective, and Macron became their hero in no time.

A meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel showed the two of them on a balcony, drinking wine and undoubtedly discussing the stage of the European Union in a post-Brexit vote world. For someone so young—and so new to the position—there was something so self-assured about his stance. As it turns out, Macron is a student of history. And he has been studying all of the most successful French presidents for clues as to what will help his country to move forward.

Macron boasts the type of telegenic charm that can best be compared to John F. Kennedy, Justin Trudeau and even Barack Obama. In addition to his charisma, however, he also boasts a fascinating back story. Particularly close with his grandmother, Macron has always been an old soul. His relationship with his wife, Brigitte, is also unconventional—to say the least. The pair met while Macron was a student in her class, and the couple is notoriously private when it comes to answering questions about when their deep friendship turned into a love story. Over two decades his senior, Brigitte is credited with helping to provide the firm foundation for Macron's success. Although Macron's parents apparently removed him from school in order to get him away from his future wife, the absence seemed to only have made their relationship grow stronger.

Every day and in every way, Macron appears to be making strong moves that surprise people. For instance, during a recent meeting of world leaders, the French president noticeably swerved around Donald Trump to acknowledge Angela Merkel. Many took this pivot to symbolize Macron's perspective that Merkel is now the leader of the free world. Whatever his motivations are, there is no doubt that Macron has breathed some freshness into the French political landscape!

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