Emmanuel Macron Wants France to be a Country of Unicorns

President Macron

Since he was elected the President of France on 7th May, Emmanuel Macron has been making news for the positive reasons. Whether it’s his ideas on tackling climate change or changing the French economy, the French president is catching the attention of many people. He is also known as a leader who is opposed to the US President Donald Trump especially following his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. CNBC today reported that Emanuel Macron had enacted a new visa that will see immigrants move into France. However, Macron does not only target normal immigrants but his program is interested in new researchers and new entrepreneurs into the country. He says that he wants France to be a nation of start-ups and innovations.

According to a translation of what the French president was saying in a keynote speech, he said that his government aims at transforming France into a nation of Unicorns and to do this, he will require the help of other learned entrepreneurs and researchers from other nations. However, he acknowledges that France has its talent, but this talent has been poached for various reasons. Emmanuel Macron said that French talent goes abroad to look for greener pastures due to the absence of an attractive environment in France. Emanuel Macron also emphasized on the need of continued support for their talents with the goal being to take them to the highest level. In this statement, he emphasized on the need of supporting the current education model of France. He believes that the future of the French people lies in a good education system.

He also discussed the European Venture Fund which is also his proposal. The venture fund is meant to support startup and innovations in France. This is the part that he pointed out the importance of a single digital market. The venture capital in France for the last two years have been steady as the nation says that 2016 saw $1.7 billion while that of 2015 was $1. 6 billion. However, compared to other nations like Germany and United Kingdom, the venture fund lags behind. Some of the latest unicorns in France include BlaBlaCar which is a long distance ride sharing app. Emanuel Macron was out there to convince entrepreneurs that there is still hope for the people of France. At the end of the speech, Emanuel Macron received a standing ovation from the attending guests. An attractive and creative market is all that he seeks.

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