Macron to Give Speech at Louis XIV's Versailles

President E. Macron

France's President Macron will speak to the parliamentary houses at the palace of Louis XIV in Versailles. Sources believe that during this speech he will declare his intentions for the country to the French National Assembly and Senate.

Parliament spokesperson Christophe Cantaner noted the significant pressure on Macron to make a strong statement about the future of France.

Macron's comparison to the Sun King began with French media. They often call him by the name of the Roman king of the gods, "Jupiter". Louis XIV also used that moniker.

Many French people believe that their new President follows the model of Charles de Gaulle, whose presidency allowed for expanded executive powers to return stability to the government. They seem to agree with Macron's actions so far, as his approval rating has already risen to 64% since his election.

Even more than this, Macron's choice to use his presidential power to propel his labor reforms through parliament has made the French believe in his robust leadership. He did so in order to push forward his business initiatives, which are intended to strengthen the French economy.

Last month, Macron met with Vladimir Putin at Versailles. Many of the French president's MPs are new to politics, and he sent them through intensive training to learn the ins and outs of government this past weekend. Macron chose these candidates to diversify French parliament.

The French president's centrist political party, La République en Marche, is only 14 months old, but still secured both the presidency and a majority in parliament in the last election. The upset shocked French conservatives, who lost half of their parliamentary seats.

Some conservative MPs plan to work with Macron on his initiatives. They've been without a leader after corruption scandals during François Fillon's presidential bid.

However, a few credit Macron's rise to power to the general disillusionment of the French people and record-setting low voter turnout.

According to the conservative president of northern France, Xavier Betrand, if Macron fails to follow through on his pledges, the French people will become even further divided politically.

"Some of the [Macron] magic has already disappeared," Betrand warned.

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