In Paris, All Airbnb Hosts Will Have to Register Their Properties


New Parisian legislation that requires all Airbnb hosts to first register their rooms, flats, or homes for rent with City Hall goes to a vote this week. The responsible government officials want the new decree, which affects Airbnb and similar impermanent rental websites, to go into effect in December.

Experts predict that the motion will sail through its vote by the Paris City Council. The law intends to prevent landlords from breaking the 120-day legal renting limit.

According to Ian Brossat, the Paris City Hall housing deputy, registration for landlords will begin on October 1st and will become compulsory by December 1st.

Stopping tenants who rent their properties without the owner's permission is another aim of the law.

New French internet laws permit the government to register and keep records of these short-term rentals in cities with a population of 200,000 or higher. This law aims to prevent residents from breaking the rules by allowing government officials to remove the online profiles of those who rent over the set time limit.

The issue is far from new. In a 2015 survey, 44% of French homes on Airbnb were permanently listed on the site.

Parisian authorities have long hoped to solve the problem of illegally renting to tourists, which negatively affects the city's economy in several ways: taking away business from hotels, for one. Some also blame sites like Airbnb for creating patches of unrented property in the city.

Bruno Julliard, the deputy major of Paris, explained that at the moment, keeping track of these rentals is near impossible.

The deputy major went on to say that Parisians could still "boost their finances at the end of the month" with short-term renting, but that the government needs to oversee the process to prevent people from exploiting the system.

However, some disagree with the new law. A pro-holiday rental union called UNPLV argued to Agence France-Presse that the online platforms were not legally required to send the government their user data.

Julliard noted that while discourse continued about the issue, government officials remain resolved about monitoring the rentals.

As a popular tourist spot with over 65,000 rentals, Paris tops Airbnb's list of destinations.

Recently, the French government has taken several steps toward controlling site usage. Legislators voted in October to make Airbnb hosts pay taxes on their income. 2016 saw authorities creating a map of all the registered Airbnb users.

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