Macron Outlines Plans for The Presidency

President E. Macron

Macron Outlines Plans for The Presidency
Emmanuel Macron is the President of France. He delivered a speech at a special congress gathering earlier this week. He gave a state of the union address to both houses of parliament at the Palace of Versailles. He noted that Europe had lost its way over the last few years and needed a new crop of leaders to revive it. He particularly talked of the last decade and how cruel it had been for Europe. The EU had managed the crises that it faced. Macron said that it had lost direction in the process. Critics questioned the costly gathering at the palace that cost the state more than €500,000. They said that this was proof that Macron’s regime would be a republican monarchy. Some centrist and far-left members of Parliament did not attend the address.

Aides responded to this by noting that the French people had made it clear that they desired a vertical power structure. The structure was supposed to have a powerful head at the top that would not be involved with politics. It had to have some authority on how things are run. Macron said that this speech would be an annual event where he would talk about his achievements and the progress that his government was making. Macron added that Europe’s development had been hindered by bureaucracy and the resulting skepticism that it causes. He added that he was confident that there was hope for the EU. He said that there was some truth to the skepticism.

President Macron pointed to Brexit and said that it was one of the signs of failure within the EU. He said that Germany and France were in the process of launching Democratic conventions by the end of the year. These conventions would be held around Europe in an attempt to remedy the condition of the EU. Macron detailed the different approaches that he would take during his presidency. He cautioned the lawmakers that he would set up a referendum if they did not approve the deep reforms that he proposed in a timely manner. The reason for this was that the French people are driven by demand and not patient curiosity. He noted that they expected a profound transformation and that was why they chose him. Macron said that he planned to end the state of emergency in the country in the next few months.

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