Gay Couples Can Adopt In France

Gay Couples

Gay couples in France could now have the same rights as heterosexual couples when it comes to parenting. The highest court in France recently made a decision regarding rights that gay couples have. If a child is born to a surrogate mother in a different country, the child can be adopted by the partner of the child's biological father. This means that the child would be recognized by both parents even though the parents are males.

Those who have faced this issue in the country are seeing the decision as an advantage. It's also seen as a milestone for gay couples and lesbian couples across the country and the rest of the world. Many gay couples who live in France have used surrogates in other countries for some time now because their rights have not been recognized in the country. France has never recognized that the partner of the father is the other legal parent of the child until now. A surrogate is a woman who carries a baby and delivers the baby for someone else, such as a gay couple. The surrogate is typically paid for the service of carrying the baby. However, France does not allow surrogacy, which has meant that those who want to have a child in this manner have had to seek other options.

In 2015, France decided to recognize children born through a surrogate as citizens of the country. The court didn't agree with both parents listed on the birth certificate to be automatically recognized, but the partner of the father can now legally apply to adopt the child. There will still be legal ties to the birth parent, but the adoptive parent will also have rights. The Catholic church has made surrogacy an issue that is frowned upon, but with more people thinking in contemporary mindsets, it's started to become less of a priority compared to other issues.

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