Emmanuel Macron Travels to Switzerland

President E. Macron

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, is expected to touch down in France in the coming few days. He has been invited to France by his counterpart Emmanuel Macron to attend the Bastille Day, an important holiday to the people of France. However, the French premier jetted of the country to Switzerland to attend a meeting with the Olympic Committee. The aim of this meeting is to convince the committee that France should hold the Olympics in the year 2024, four years ahead of the United Staates. At the moment, 2024 and 2028 Olympics will be held in either Paris or Los Angles. However, the two cities are yet to agree on the precedence that will be used.

This meeting was being held in Lausanne, and the International Olympic Committee said that the host cities for the events would be announced at a later date this year. However, this announcement will go against the normal tradition as two host cities have never been announced at the same time. However, the International Olympics Committee was left with no option after four cities decided to drop out of the race to host the event. The committee is also seeking ways of reforming the application process that would result in a more transparent and open process.

The IOC says that the new system will be fairer allowing two countries to host the event only in different years. As for the case between Los Angeles and Paris, they are yet to agree on which country should come first. However, the mayors of these two cities have expressed their desire to corporate so that the process can be smooth for everyone involved. The two mayors also made it clear that they are working together in collaboration and not in competition in holding the events.

The idea that France will have to wait for four years to hold the Olympics after Los Angeles made Emmanuel Macron to travel to Switzerland. The heads of states of the competing nations rarely attend this meeting, so it’s quite unusual for Macron to attend the Lausanne meeting. Heads of States usually attend the meeting where the host city is announced. This meeting will be held in Peru capital Lima later this year probably in September. Emmanuel Macron held a closed-door meeting with the IOC where he gave a political explanation why his city should be considered first. He emphasized on the need of multilateralism that can only be afforded by the Olympics.

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