Emmanuel Macron Goes back on his Word

President E. Macron

Emanuel Macron seems to have solutions for everything. When the young President invited the Italian Prime Minister to Paris, he offered him a solution of how to handle the immigrants flocking into Italy. The Financial Times reported that France was willing to help Italy as they face the global issue of immigrants. Macron said that he would achieve this through financial aid and understanding of Italy. The president said that the European Union had turned a deaf ear on the migration crisis that had hit Italy. However, reports emerged this week that officials in Rome are frustrated by the little efforts that Emmanuel Macron is doing towards the issue. In fact, some say that he is a better version of his predecessor Francois Hollande who would just sit and watch the situation escalate. The deputy foreign minister of foreign affairs in Italy Marion Giro expressed his concerns that after listening to Italy’s grievances, France seems reluctant to help them.

Italy had supported his election as they saw him as a reformist and a person with the ability to change the European Union through deeper integration. Italy is not the only country that had such expectations as there are many other European countries that believed in him. Italy goes to the polls next year. Their frustration over macron doesn’t bond well with the expectations they had of the French president. Italy is a country that has its unique set of problems that could have benefited from the election of the French president. Some of these problems include rising populism, their small size and their weak economy. From their part, they have a reason to express their concerns about the French president. For instance, border police at Ventimiglia still refuse to allow immigrants to enter France from Italy.

At the moment, France hasn’t fulfilled the refugees’ quota that it agreed some years back. Another major concern by the Italians is that French vessels that rescue immigrants in the Mediterranean Sea refuse to dock into French ports preferring Italian ports. The situation has also been made worse by Macron’s comments about differentiating between economic migrants and refuges. On his part, he feels that most of these people suffer from poverty and hunger. He explicitly says that France can only help refuges that come from war stricken zones. The situation is even worse as negotiations to come up with long term policies for the refugees seems to have stalled.

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