The Life and Career of Jeanne Moreau

Jeanne Moreau

A wise man once said that nothing lasts forever. For those who have ever watched Jules and Jim, a movie produced by Francois Truffaut, they surely know who Jeanne Moreau was. Jeanne Moreau was pronounced dead on 31st July at the age of 89. This is according to the information that was revealed by Emanuel Macron, the French President. Jeanne Moreau is famously known as the femme fatale by journalists in France and the US. She became a well-known figure in the acting industry when he featured in the movie called The Lovers by Louis Malle back in 1958. This is a film that Jeanne Moreau was portrayed as a bored housewife and was also involved in an affair. Several years later, she featured in Jules and Jim alongside other films such as the destructive object, the capricious and Catherine. She also featured on various films between 1949 and 1957.

Other notable films that the French actress was involved in include Diary of Chambermaid by Luis Bunuels, the Bride Wore Black as well as Eva and the Night. When it came to awards, she also had the chance of collecting a few. Most of her awards were from little-known movies. Jeanne Moreau was recognized as the best actress in 1960 and shared an award known as Cannes Film Awards. She won this award for her role in the film Moderato Cantabile. For her role in Viva Maria, she was honored by the Bafta awards as the best foreign actor in the year 1967. She was also a recipient of the Cesar award which is the highest award in France. This award is similar to the Oscar. She received this award for her role in a film that was known as the Old Lady Who Walked in the Sea. In this film, she was featured as a con woman.

Just like any other successful actress, Jeanne Moreau had a successful spell in Hollywood where she featured in prominent films such as Even After of 1998, the Last Tycoon of 1976 and the Train of 1964. Orson Welles was the producer who was behind the success of Jeanne Moreau. Jeanne Moreau was born on 23 January in 1928. Her father was of the French origin while her mother was from the United Kingdom. She began acting at the age of 15 after she was inspired by a play called Antigone. Her father discouraged her from becoming an actor.

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