Using Culture as a Unifying Factor

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Using Culture as a Unifying Factor
The culture of people gives them a sense of belonging. Culture is a differentiating factor between people of various origins. Individuals who share the same culture understand each other better because culture shapes their belief system. People enjoy sharing a common ground with others. This makes it easy for them to create and develop relationships. People from the same country have the same culture. This means that their choice of food and how they interact with people is the same. This is what enables them to be united. Many nations have different cultures around the world. The nation of France has a unique culture. It is popular for its outstanding cultural activities in the world. Below is a list of the various activities;
• Musical activities
• Sports activities
• Cuisine activities
• Fashion activities

Musical activities
The music of France is different from other nations. People of diverse cultures enjoy it. Their music is embraced by the royal families from different nations. This is because the music is refined and soothing. It is embraced in many five-star hotels because of its nature. The music is one of the most popular and common historically. France is known for its ability to develop different musical instruments that have been embraced by various countries in the world. It has developed the professional nature of the music. People have embraced it globally. The citizens of France also enjoy their own music. The music entails many instruments that are played skillfully.

Sports activities
The sports activities of France have impacted the world greatly. This means that the world appreciates the contribution of France to sports. The country has developed the football sports arena. The football arena has evolved in different dimensions through the historical period. Football is embraced in France in order to unite people whenever they gathered to watch it. The government introduced policies that encouraged people to embrace it as a career. The government set aside funds to create clubs for various footballers. These clubs have developed to become the most powerful in the world.

Cuisine and Fashion activities
The fashion and cuisine of the people of France are different from the other countries. The cuisine and fashion industry of the people have shaped other nations in the world. People have embraced them greatly. These two industries have a refined nature that attracts a countless number of individuals.

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