What’s Wrong with Emanuel Macron?

President E. Macron

100 days have passed since Emanuel Macron became the president of France and he seems to have achieved nothing. During his campaign, he promised the French people that he would free the French market and at the same time reconcile the French people. But where did things go wrong for Emanuel Macron? Other than making strategic errors, the French president has failed in communicating his vision. Beyond this, he has also failed in living up to his compatriots’ characters. By late June, the young president had an approval rate of 64 percent. This fell to 54 percent by the end of July. By now, his approval rating is at its worst at 34 percent. In fact, no other French president has ever experienced such approval rating drop. Maybe the summer season is to blame or the 24-hour cycle. Some experts say that the French president has crashed into reality and he is learning things the hard way. Among the issues that Emanuel Macron is being faced with include the ungovernable French people and some stereotypes about a certain breed of perennially dissatisfied French. Emanuel Macron is receiving little credit for repairing the international stature of France.

He has been able to stand out in various summits around the globe. At the same time, he has managed to meet some of the controversial leaders of the globe at the moment. For instance, he has hosted Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to France since he took office. Few can remember that Emanuel Macron mocked President Trump for leaving the Paris agreement by creating a program called make our planet great again. He has also managed to increase the number of women in parliament through the En Marche! He managed to increase the number to 39 percent from 27 percent. It’s also important to remember that 48 percent of his cabinet is made up of women who occupy strong areas of labor, justice as well as defence. His popularity hit the lowest last week when he mentioned that he would create a position for the first lady and allocate her some public money. The French people protested in a petition that was signed by 300,000 people. At the same time, he has managed to pass a legislation that cuts fund this summer. The new law by the president prevents senior government officials and members of parliament from hiring their children and family members.

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