David Giertz Outlines How To Retire in Style and Spend Money Without Feeling Guilty

According to financial advisor David Giertz, retirees are more accustomed to saving money rather than spending their hard-earned dollars. The good news is that older people can spend their money in responsible ways while still enjoying their lives. With the help of budgets and cash reserves, every senior has the means to have fun during retirement years. The key to a successful retirement is to plan for the future with a certain amount of diligence.

The odd thing about saving accounts focuses on the fact that millionaires are often afraid to spend their money when they retire. For instance, a retired millionaire may decline going on a vacation with friends simply because he or she is reluctant to spend money. A lifetime habit of depositing extra monies into a savings account has left the person with a negative attitude toward spending any of the accumulated funds. According to David Giertz, the right kind of discipline helps retirees to appreciate every good thing life has to offer.

Mr. Giertz, who has a BS from Millikin University an MBA from the University of Miami, firmly believes that it is often difficult for retirees to part with their savings. People who have managed to amass fortunes are still reluctant to spend money out of their savings or investment accounts. Although financial discipline is generally thought of as a great virtue, the ultimate purpose of saving money is frequently misunderstood. The basic concept behind saving money is that the person is not going to have earnings from employment once the individual retires from a job. Consequently, the retiree needs additional funds for the purpose of living an accustomed lifestyle.

Additionally, social security benefits do not always provide enough income for average retirees. Many seniors need additional money after they retire. Yet, these same retired citizens also need to have fun. After all, they worked hard at their jobs throughout the years. The main thing to bear in mind is that retirement does not mean living frugally to the point of abstaining from every enjoyable activity.

Although news stories frequently state that Americans do not have ample savings, the fact is that numerous retirees living in the United States have kept watchful eyes over their expenditures and savings accounts. These citizens may have forfeited some luxuries in favor of having more money in the future. Watchfulness over their budgets have caused these retirees to feel as though they do not have any rights to spend the money they managed to save.

Furthermore, numerous retired citizens adhere to the policy that something terrible may happen that might require them to spend all their savings. Living with minds paralyzed by a fear of the unknown, they are in danger of living for many years without enjoying the common pleasures life has to offer.

Retirement does not mean living a life devoid of purpose and adventure. People who are retired can live their lives with both discipline and fun. According to David Giertz, an experienced financial advisor, retirees should pay attention to the following simple rule enabling them to reap the benefits of their savings accounts without forfeiting hopeful dreams about their golden retirement years.

Discover the Most Relevant and Purposeful Things in Life

Retirees need to spend their money wisely without causing undue hardships in their personal lives. People need to become more introspective about the things that matter. Retirees ought to place top priorities on their important relationships and the things that cause them to feel inspired, creative and fulfilled.

During nearly 30 years of experience as a financial planner, I can honestly state that retirees should live their lives according to carefully devised plans including all aspects of life. Learning to contemplate the most important things in life is a key factor in balancing the urge to keep a nest egg versus the need to spend some of the savings. Meditating on the purpose of life is the main key for using money wisely during retirement years.

David Giertz: A Short Biography of a Financial Advisor

David Giertz has more than 30 years of experience as a professional financial advisor. In the recent past, Mr. Giertz was the esteemed president of Nationwide Financial's sales and distribution department. He was a trustworthy contributor to the company's profits. Mr. Giertz helped the business grow its $11 billion to $17.8 billion. In addition, Mr. Giertz was a successful leader and distributor of life insurance policies, retirement plans, annuities and mutual funds. Before his employment at Nationwide, David Giertz was a financial advisor at Citigroup for 10 years. Eventually, he became the bank's executive vice president of sales. Mr. Giertz continues to value his involvement with organizations favoring the community including serving on the board of trustees at Millikin University.

Make sure to follow David on Twitter @David_Giertz, and read more about him on his official website.

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